Expanding aircraft capability by combining the two most prolific aircraft designs; the helicopter and the aeroplane

A Helicopter

The industry proven, single, centrally mounted helicopter for hover & vertical flight efficiency & performance.

In-Flight Transition

Adaptable: helicopter operations for versatility plus fixed wing range & endurance. The central wing acts as either a rotating or fixed wing.

A Fixed Wing Aircraft

With the central rotorwing stopped & locked, rotary inefficiencies are eliminated, delivering cruise efficiency, speed, range and endurance.

StopRotor: taking on the challenge of building the world’s first StopRotor aircraft.

A new solution to a hard problem yet to be solved by the aerospace industry.

StopRotor Helicopter Operations

StopRotor Prototypes

Check out the StopRotor prototypes and performance data as we progress.


Check out the latest SR800 prototypes, early prototypes and first in-flight transition.

Defence Innovation Hub


StopRotor: Defence Innovation Hub Phase 1 contract awarded

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