StopRotor completes First In Flight Transition

StopRotor Technology has successfully demonstrated the Hybrid RotorWing’s ability to start its RotorWing in-flight, thus enabling successful in-flight transition between fixed and rotary wing flight modes.

Prototypes have now demonstrated successful flight tests in the following core areas:

  • Fixed wing flight including take off, normal operations and landing
  • Rotary wing flight including take off, hover and landing
  • Fixed and Rotary wing flight in the transition profile
  • In-flight conversion from fixed to rotary flight modes

We have chosen to use an un-powered RotorWing prototype (Gyro Plane) to demonstrate RotorWing control and capabilities. This has minimised the complexity of the prototype allowing us to focus on the core development milestones of aerodynamically starting and stopping the rotor system in-flight.

This particular prototype can take off and land as either a fixed wing or gyroplane.

The next stage in development will include a powered main rotor which will then be able to demonstrate all the functions of both helicopter and aeroplane flight modes.