RMIT Research Proposal

StopRotor Technology Pty Ltd, in collaboration with RMIT’s Sir Lawrence Wackett Aerospace Research Centre have submitted a joint research proposal which will see an advanced StopRotor demonstrator by early 2015.

RMIT will work alongside the StopRotor’s build team to produce a flight mechanics model of the aircraft to allow detailed analysis and a further study into the investigation of scaling effects and therefore the feasibility of the scaled configurations.

The prototype development program will incorporate the knowledge gained from our early prototype flight testing and produce a flying demonstrator capable of vertical takeoff in rotary wing mode, in-flight transition to fixed wing operations, a simulated mission followed by return to base, in-flight transition back to rotary flight hover and then vertical landing. Such an aircraft will be a first for the aviation industry.

Rowan Watkins, Inventor and Technical Director said this program will form the baseline for ongoing development including optimization of the propulsion and rotor systems maximizing endurance and efficiency.

The benefits of a successful stopped rotor aircraft design have been known by the industry since the first helicopters flew. The StopRotor solution provides the ability to transition between rotary & fixed wing modes, in-flight while maintaining a useful, conventional aircraft design.