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Defence Technology Review

10-12-2015 Defence Technology Review, DEC JAN Issue 2016 – Ian Bostock

Australian Defence Magazine

16-04-15  Australian Defence Magazine Miniature V22 UAS РPhilip Smart

Aviation Week

12-05-14 Aviation Week Vertical Thinking Graham Warwick

Rotor & Wing Magazine

07-03-14 StopRotor progresses with development

Rotor & Wing Magazine

30-08-13: Hybrid RotorWing conducts in-flight fixed/rotary transition Rotor & Wing Magazine

Australian Aviation

June 2013: Australian company designs new ‘Rotor Wing’ aircraft technology (Click images to read full size article)

Australian Aviation Rotor Torque

Australian Aviation Inbox

UAV News

07-05-13: Stoprotor, Hybrid Rotorwing VTOL


21-04-13: Hybrid RotorWing designs transitions from fixed to rotary wing mid-flight

Rotor & Wing Magazine

17-04-2013: StopRotor Technology Submits Hybrid RotorWing for DARPA X-Plane Project

Australian Aviation

11-04-2013: Australian Company designs New StopRotor Aircraft Technology [/span6][span6]

Flight Global

25 -8-13: StopRotor eyes success in bid to transform vertical lift

Australian Aviation

28-08-13: StopRotor completes successful first transition flight

Flight International Magazine

30-04-13: Flight Global - StopRotor, change is inTransition Flight Global РStopRotor, change is in transition  (Click image to read full size article)